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About Us

Super Star Furniture Sdn Bhd was founded in 2013. We’re the experts in building all kind of furniture, from the wardrobe, cabinet, domestic room set, children room set and more. With our expertise in manufacturing quality furniture, we have expanded our service into providing original equipment manufacturing (OEM) services for furniture brand, developer, or anyone to customize their own furniture. From design, style, materials, to everything about the furniture, you will have total control and ownership over it. To date, Super Star Furniture Sdn Bhd has been expanding it’s business worldwide. Exporting to the Asian country, Australia, New Zealand, France, and the United Kingdom. We’re still looking to expand and meeting with more partners around the world.

Why Choose Us

Everyone wants to work with the best. Therefore, we consistently improve and evolve to be the Super Star of the furniture makers.

Experience & Expertise

With years of experience in the industry, we have handled a great number of the project besides our regular furniture set. Time has made us experts in dealing with all kind of project.

Quality Furniture

From the selection of materials to the process of building & manufacturing, we take a detailed care of every of it. We are pride that we never compromise the quality of our work!

Customize & OEM

Furniture is just like the arts. There are always great ideas that can be turned into reality, and that’s what we do! We customize the design you want, all we need is your design & ideas!

Our Service

With years of experience in building quality furniture, Super Star Furniture Sdn Bhd is now expanding its service line and offering customized OEM furniture services to customer from around the world. All you need to do is bring your design & we will make it happen. Contact us today & get your great piece of furniture done!

Wardrobe WD 5643 A


The essential piece of furniture everyone would need for their lovely home. The wardrobe is one of the feature furniture series for Super Star Furniture. We’re pride in our skills when comes to creating the best piece of wardrobe. We only featured some of the wardrobes here, if you want to get a full catalogue for our extensive range of wardrobe, just drop us a message!

WD 7601 CA
Wardrobe WD5616
WD 408 MP

Children Set

Who doesn’t love the beautifully built children set for our little angels? Super Star Furniture has been building Children Set furniture long before the establishment of the company. We love how we put together all these little pieces of woods and materials for our generation to come. Cherishing with love and care on every piece of Children Set furniture.

Children Set 9015
Children Set 9018
Children Set 9028
Children Set 9030
TV 3001CK

Others & OEM Furniture

Other variety of furniture that we built based on unique customer requirement. Everything is done from just a scratch a design paper and we will handle the rest. From material selection all the way to put every piece together. You will have your brain-child perfectly built! We have featured some of the OEM furniture work that we have done in the past here.

WD 225CK
SC 84 86 87 WH
CB 003-SO CB 003-WG
SDK 555x


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